The Worlds to Come

The Forgotten Town
Is the Place of Favor

I come from a small, rural town in Southern Iowa. It’s the sort of place that once had a railway station, an opera house, a fine hotel, and a couple of good restaurants but got left behind as the world moved ahead. I was never embarrassed or ashamed to be from such a place; I simply didn’t think much of it. Fate required that journey forth and wander but lately I long for my hometown.

As we prepare to journey beyond our planet and its atmosphere, we need a new way of thinking, the novus habitus mentis Pope Paul VI called for. In the worlds of tomorrow, we will not need a single bank CEO or high-powered lawyer or cardinal in frilly garb.

However, we will need people who can grow food, repair vehicles, build buildings, take care of the sick and aged, clean up the messes that follow human beings, deliver babies, educate the young, and keep animals healthy. People who understand dirt and rocks and air and water and stars.

We will need people who care for the land, people who care for the mind, and people who care for the spirit.

We will need to laugh. We will need to sing. We will need to read. We will need to be comforted.

Those are precisely the things that people in small, forgotten towns like Chariton, Iowa know how to do.

The inconsequential people from forgotten small towns across the US are happy without 1,000 count Egyptian cotton sheets, $500 shoes, a Rolex or a Mercedes. They don’t need the best seat at the banquet, exclusive services, or a place at the front of the line.

People from towns like Chariton, Iowa are people of the future — and that gives me reason to be proud of the land of my birth.

~BT Waldbillig
May 19, 2016

Haec Dies

The journey begins today, in this very moment. We have, each of us, waited our entire lives for the new realities that were already present but which we, in the darkness of our minds, were unable to perceive.

We thought all hope was lost; we thought we could not be saved from the misery that we created around and inside ourselves; we believed — mistakenly –that we could not trust others.

We were, each one of us, mistaken.

The stars, the sky, the clouds, the birds, the squirrels, the fish, and the dogs already understand the mystery that we are only slowly beginning to understand.

The moment of sadness is the moment of great joy
The time of despair is the time of great hope

It is ancient custom among spiritual teachers to hide that which is most precious, be it an idea, a word, or even a person. Those ancient teachers acted in this way for the sake of today. The useless people, the forgettable places, the dumb, unintelligent animals, even the trees — they held in silence the mystery that you and I bear.

A mystery that will heal the universe.

~BT Waldbillig
May 18, 2016