Hymn of Silvanus

As Christmas approaches, I offer a piece in honor of the original feast-holder of that day: Sol Invictus.

Here, Silvanus, the Boy-God of the Forest, sings to all who wait for the Unconquered Sun.

– – – – –


The God of War commands with extended arm
The Boy of the Forest uses the other for play

But Sol Invictus bestows blessing
With both arms outstretched

His palms looking down to us
His fingers the sun’s rays

The light of Sol Invictus
Is bound by no map or chart

Like two-faced Janus
His gaze extends to us

Whether backward in history
Or forward in time

Fear not for we are Brothers
Fear not for we are Friends

We will save each other
Faithful like a cur

The Great Tree!

The Little Man!

The Living Dog!

The poor, the wicked, the unforgiven
The mighty, the holy, the innocent

All drink from one cup
All eat from one table

In this house dwell all
Masters and servants alike

The wicked and just alike
Senex, progenitor, filius

In this family the father
Strikes not his son

We, mighty and arrogant males
Believed we were paterfamilias

While our females tended
To every needful thing

They cared for the plants
Tended the orchards and vineyards

The sheep, the cattle, and even the pigs
They attended mindfully

They vouched safe the embers of the hearth
Fed all, taking for themselves the scraps

And so I tell you:

Watch and keep vigil
Guarding the secret in your heart

Know that what you do
In the open and before the world

As well as all that you do
In the darkness of the hidden place

Fulfilling your duty with[out] hesitation
Giving of yourself completely

Will one day
Save the world

~BT Waldbillig
December 23, 2016

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