Nonsectarian Rituals for the Spiritual Family (Part 1)

N.B.: This represents an initial, unfinished attempt at the creation of a hypothetical ritual. It’s meant to be a model and not a finished product.

Ordo ad Benedictionem

Ritual of Blessing
[at the gathering of the Spiritual Family]

I. Hymnus

abbe gaud
albe gaud
nunce laud
vere char
pae don
benden harch

Rejoice, the Father comes
Rejoice, the dawn is here
Proclaim the praise
Truly, the favor
The Father, the Master
Blessed from of old

II. Commemoratio

With wine and oil
We celebrate this life
Even as we prepare for death

With honey and yoghurt
We honor the Spiritual Family
In youth and in old age

With lemons and oranges
The delight of the body
Tempers the bitterness of suffering

With lavendar and cinnamon
We call to mind the Father
Who is also Mother

With flowers and stalks of grain
We make a fragrant offering
On behalf of the living and the dead

III. Fractio Panis

As the Father is also Mother, may you be both father and mother to one another.

As the Son is also Brother, may you be sons and daughters, brothers and sisters in the one Family.

Know him when you drink this cup of peace.
Know him when you eat this bread of bliss.

IV. Missio

-As a mother loves her only child
~So may we love one another

-As a father protects his Family
~So may we keep watch over one another

– – – – –
– – – – –

~BT Waldbillig
October 9, 2017

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