Dreams of Dogs and Sparrows

Let me share with you a dream I had not long ago:

Beset by woes, I made to escape the travails of the world. As I crept from my dwelling in the dead of night, a sparrow set himself in my path and asked, “Would you abandon us?”

I turned away, only to find a dog who asked, “Am I an orphan now?”

Understanding the mystery before me, I returned to my dwelling and took rest in the silence that lingers between dream and dawn.

[Regarding dreams: I’ve found that the meaning I extract from my dreams changes and evolves, especially in the case of recurring dreams. Sometimes the benefit of experience or reflection sheds light on aspects that were obscured previously. His dictis, dreams are just dreams. They are entirely and only what we make of them.]

~BT Waldbillig
October 23, 2017

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