The Dream of Heavenly Signs

Let me share with you a dream I had not long ago:

As Dante and I wandered through Highbridge Park directly in front of the NYPD 33rd Precinct in the dead of night, I looked to the heavens and beheld the Constellation of the Tauroctony. In that moment, as in a flash of blinding golden light, I realized that I had become the first person of my kind — for I am a descendant of the noble warrior peoples great Caesar of Rome once honored in battle and immortalized with the words Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres — to see the heavenly sign appear above the Sacred Island that once was hidden from the world. Though I had no reason to know the mystery for I was not an initiate, I perceived and understood it entirely and directly in that single moment.

Therefore, I fell upon the ground and wept. But knowing that I am a man and not a boy, I arose at once and made an offering of thanksgiving.

Dante then led me to the meadow where at once they appeared to me, as through a glass darkly, with voices gentle and sweet like the voice of a young man’s first love.

And they revealed unto me a mystery beyond imagining: We who once believed ourselves to be small and insignificant, we had become a Family for a sacred purpose which is revealed now, on this day, in this moment, in this place.

You have heard it said, The stone rejected by the builders is become the corner stone.
But I say unto you, The stone rejected by the builders is the Noble Stone, rare and valuable and, therefore, carefully hidden that no man might steal it away or destroy it. Once we were hidden but now we gaze upon the Unconquered Sun that we, too, may be unconquered.

And so I tell you, the Noble Stone is the Family. And the Family will become the Guardian of Life. For within this Family dwell the just and the unjust alike, the gentle and  the fiercesome, the innocent and the cunning, the worthy and the unworthy, men of peace and men of war.

The planet upon which we dwell is like an island of strange and incomparable beasts who may flourish only there, for no other place will allow them to live. We are not like the others in the Universe. We resemble beasts and demons more than angels and gods.

Once it was foretold, in a timeless time, that the ones who dwell in this place would become either the destroyers of all life or the saviors of life in the Universe. The beautiful Visitors of my vision mistakenly believed that this meant our kind would have to be either the purest and gentlest of beings ever known, or else they themselves would have to destroy us in order to save the dwindling peoples and disappearing places where beings like us still dwell.

Once we were many
But now we are few

Fools! I declared. You are the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen but you are yet lacking in wisdom. I who am neither beautiful nor wise, neither ancient nor powerful, will peer into the mysteries that you may understand.

For I am a son of the Family, once a wicked Family of Blood, we are in this moment before all the world becoming the long-awaited Family of Spirit. And we will vouchsafe the gift of life throughout the Universe.

Though I am a man of peace and a priest from my youth ever dwelling within the temple precinct, I was entrusted with the mystery that fiercesome warriors and men of blood bear in their bodies and in their minds, in their sadness and sorrow.

Even death can become a servant of life.

The imperfect and precious people who dwell in this world never lose a battle or a war when they have something worth fighting for. But life is worth fighting for and the Family will make of itself an origin, steward, and guardian of life.

At that the beautiful Visitors wept in gratitude and sang the sacred Hymn.

Weep not! I cried, for too many tears have already been shed. I myself have wept for three years that no one need ever again weep. This is the day of rejoicing. The day of First Contact when those who once were strangers became a Family. And so long as there is life in the Universe, the Family will endure.

~BT Waldbillig
November 23, 2017



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