The Dream of the Temple Precinct (Part 1)

Let me share with you a dream I had not long ago:

As it was not the custom of the temple guard to command the priest within the temple precinct, I therefore obeyed without hesitation when the captain of the temple guard awoke me from my dreaming, shouting:

“Go forth! Be seen by the Family!”

I rushed forth from the fanum still naked and trembling, and immediately I cast myself into the sacred pool to perform the ritual cleansing, according to custom. As I emerged from the cool waters, no longer unclean or afraid, the youngest of the guard dried me off with his own cloak and placed upon me the finest tunic he had, the one his grandmother had woven for him and in which he was meant to be buried one day.

Thus were the words fulfilled: A burial shroud will become the bridegroom’s tunic.


From the seed of one man
Many warriors are born

From the devotion of one warrior
A fearless legion is born

From the dedication of a legion
A mighty empire is born

Before the power of an empire
The entire world bows down

And when the world bows down
Because of one man’s seed

An infinite number of benevolent beings
Come together as one Family

[From the mouth of the Sybil:

~BT Waldbillig
November 24, 2017

[I often write about my dreams, but across the years I have come to understand that while I see everything from the point of view of the primary actor of the event, the dreams are rarely about me. While they’re always and only just dreams, I experience them as if they were visions appearing through a semi-transparent veil or through a glass darkly (to misuse St. Paul’s words). Sometimes the events seem historical, whether past or future, while at times are altogether beyond my experience that I can only describe them in mythic terms. The scholastic dictum comes to mind: Quidquid recipitur ad modum recipentis recipitur.]

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