Toward a Liturgy of Encounter

About three years ago I began imagining how First Contact with Alien Beings might come about, what its implications might be, which conditions would best serve such a momentous historical occasion, and how all of us could achieve full and active participation in the event, spread as we are across the entire globe.

What I’ve arrived at today is an evolution of a few previous attempts, as well as the fruit of my own meditation and reflection, much of which I have shared publicly on my blog and via social media accounts such as Facebook and Google Plus.

Perhaps this brief ritual framework will become an occasion for you to think about how we, as the human Family, might show the Universe just how precious and beautiful we are to one another.

I have no doubt that Alien Friends/Visitors would be as amazed at us and we would be at them — just as my dog, Dante, looks to me as if I were something like a god or a mythic hero and I look to him in the same way.

Toward a Liturgy of Encounter
(for use at the occasion of First Contact)

Public Rite
1. Solemn Greeting
2. Litanies/Petitions (declaration of intention)
3. Reading/Lesson (e.g., “Compassion of the Tree”)
4. Exposition (explantion of event)

Rite of Transition
5. Announcement of Sacred Act (e.g., “The doors! The doors!” etc. from Byzantine liturgy)

Veiled/Hidden Rite (performed in private)
6. Sign of peace exchanged (e.g., among delegates)
7. Honoring of Ancestors (Commemoration of Departed Family members)
8. Ratification of Treaty

Rite of Revelation
9. Announcement and Public Presentation of Treaty
10. Transmission/Communication of Treaty to all relevant authorities

Rite of Consent and Missio
11. Reception and Acceptance of Treaty
12. Consent of the People (e.g., 8 minutes of bells, etc.)
13. Mission (commissioning of the Spritual Family)

Followed by regional and local rites, festivals, etc., as well as religious observations.

The guarantors of the treaty (e.g., the Sacred College of Cardinals) will be sent to every nation on Earth to present physical copies of treaty and relevant historical artifacts.

The same guarantors will provide the Alien Friends with personal and physical artifacts.

~BT Waldbillig
December 16, 2017

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