Friends of the Little Man
An occasional blog by BT Waldbillig and Dante the Dog.

Who Is the Little Man?
Mongrel Dog
When I adopted a mongrel dog from a shelter at Manhattan’s East Village back in May 2012, I renamed the corgi-pitbull mix Dante in honor of the years I spent in Italy and to recall the friends I left there. Dante changed my life for the better and became my friend and teacher. Little Man was the name he came to me with — I regard it as his sacred name.

Spiritual Teacher
Great spiritual teachers are often affectionately referred to as the Little Man. Jesus, the Buddha, and Mithras — as well as others — have been honored with this title through the course of human history.

Spiritual Family
Just as importantly, I regard our kind — a Family of flesh and blood transformed into a Spiritual Family  — as the Little Man. We who are so small and insignificant in this Universe are truly capable of great and wondrous things. Too often we forget who and what we really are.

About Me
Born and raised in Southern Iowa, I had the good fortune to spend more than eight years in Rome, Italy studying theology, ritual, history, and art. Today I call the Big Apple home.

‘In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.’
~ Albert Camus

Mithras and the Bull